Coach Certification Program User Agreement

Coach Certification Program – Material User Agreement

  • Minds at Work, LLC. remains the owner of all documents used in this course (“Immunity to Change Coach’s Guide”; “Tracking Book for ITC Coaches”; “Immunity to Change Workbook”)
  • I obtained these documents in conjunction with training received from Minds at Work, LLC.
  • These documents have been licensed to me for my exclusive use.
  • I am free to use them in my work with individual clients, delivered face-to-face or by videoconferencing without further commission, royalty, fee or other compensation due to Minds at Work.
  • I may not make these documents available to anyone, in whole or in part, either by loaning copy or by reproducing copy in any fashion; although I am free to make copies of portions of the materials for my exclusive use in delivery by me of these exercises to my clients, and I am free to use the Immunity to Change Workbook with my clients.
  • If I use, copy, or reproduce any portion of these materials I must indicate that they are the copyright of Minds at Work (© Minds at Work) on every page or slide.
  • Minds at Work retains the right to revoke this license, and I will return documents to Minds at Work upon receiving a written request .
  • I use these materials as a completely independent agent; my use of these materials does not constitute any employment relationship with Minds at Work; and Minds at Work shall be held harmless and without liability or responsibility for any claim, charge, or judgment brought against me in connection with my use of these materials.
  • Any violation of this agreement will lead to the revocation of this license and could subject me to penalties.

I understand that, in public representation of my association with “Minds at Work,” “Robert Kegan” and/or “Lisa Lahey,” or “the Immunity to Change approach,”:

  • I am free to say that I “attended a training” by, with, or about the above.
  • I am not free to say or publish anything that would suggest I am “a certified Immunity to Change” coach or to attach the ITC Certified Coach logo to my electronic or print materials until I have received a written statement from Minds at Work saying that I have successfully completed the ITC Coach Certification Program.
  • I should not represent that I received my training “from Harvard University” or “at Harvard University.”
  • Finally, I understand that Harvard University has no connection with Minds at Work, nor any responsibility for this program.