Experience with the Leadership Circle Assessment?

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    Michelle Hernandez
    September 6, 2016 at 10:49 am #2932

    Community Members, I am looking to hear from coaches experienced in using the Leadership Circle Assessment.

    I have used many 360s in coaching and work with teams, but was not familiar with the Leadership Circle until Lisa Lahey recommended it at the ITC course in July. I am considering using it for a 5-person Leadership Team that is launching a series of 2-day sessions on their collective leadership as well as individual coaching. I am facilitating the team sessions, coaching the CEO, and managing a team of four additional coaches. If we move forward with this 360, I would take the October certification program in Denver.

    I spent some time on the website and also spoke with the sales person. My impression is that the profile is truly unique in terms of its focus on reactive tendencies as well as creative ones. At the same time, it seems less user friendly than some I have worked with and I would like to be confident that we can create a smooth user experience and also benefits that outweigh the risks of switching to a new tool.

    Is anyone willing to provide some input on their experiences? And if by any chance you might know someone willing to hop on the phone with me to chat for a few minutes, I would be eternally grateful!