Making the ITC Coaching offer

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    Landraitis Paul
    March 21, 2016 at 12:21 pm #2760

    Dear X,
    It is my pleasure to invite you to engage in an exciting pilot program for Stagen Academy members we are calling LEAP, for Leadership Effectiveness Acceleration Program. It is designed to be a structured and efficient way for you to make significant, sustainable improvements to your leadership effectiveness. It integrates what we believe are ‘best of breed’ approaches, validated by research at Harvard and proven in the field at admired companies around the world. Once you have experienced the power of these techniques and tools, they can be used to improve the performance of your organization’s leadership teams and of your leadership culture as a whole.
    For the pilot run the price will remain our standard $7500 charge for six months of individual coaching with me. This time there will be no additional charge for the Leadership Circle ProfileTM assessment package (normally $1,000). Likewise this program provides full use of the extensive Immunity to ChangeTM curricula, designed by world class scholar-practitioners of adult and professional development at Harvard Graduate School of Education. On average there is 30 to 60 minutes per week of action-learning and written reflection homework.

    Please review the description of this six month program and let me know by xxx if you are interested in a follow up call. If so, we will schedule a call to answer your questions, or to begin work. We only have a few slots open in the first run, and intend to get these coaching engagements started between xxx and April 11th.
    LEAP has three main components:
    1. Identify your most high leverage improvement goal, all things considered. To ensure we start with a deep and valid understanding that is not limited by gaps in your self-awareness, we use a 360 assessment called the Leadership Circle ProfileTM. This enables us to identify one big thing that, when you are doing it better and more consistently, will make the most significant difference to you, to those you lead, and to your organization.

    2. We uncover what has or could hold you back from reaching your goal, despite your sincere intentions, by using the Immunity to Change™ model (ITC). In building an ITC map we go deeper than traditional competency and skills based coaching, to show you specifically how key aspects of your “inner game” are generating the holes in your “outer game” that were illuminated on your 360.

    3. The bulk of the coaching arc is a series of executive coaching sessions that guide you through a series of proven developmental learning exercises designed to overcome your specific Immunity to Change and unlock your best and highest leadership contributions. These exercises first expand your awareness of your old habits of mind and behavior, then use carefully designed experiments to release you from those outdated assumptions that drive counterproductive behaviors. This frees you to safely explore, in real time at work, how to better meet the complex challenges you face in your leadership role. An individualized plan for deliberate practice focuses your efforts by helping you:
    • Consistently embody high leverage positive leadership behaviors that have been missing or rare
    • Effectively cultivate your existing strengths so they can have optimal impact
    • Build any new skills needed to support your new leadership mindset and behavioral repertoire
    • Consolidate the gains you have made and plan your next steps

    Looking forward,