Object Relations Theory and ITC

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    Linda Denton
    October 17, 2015 at 12:52 pm #2337

    I am curious to learn if and how the Object Relations Theory may have influenced ITC subject/object. I am part of the Enneagram community and kept noticing a cross over in the thinking between the Enneagram and the ITC work. I was recently invited to attend an Enneagram workshop on Object Relations theory and, after doing a little research, saw a reference to this same material in Kegan’s book “The Evolving Self” (which I was unsuccessful at actually reading). I am still new to this community and am interested in how and where these two theories/concept meet and/or overlap.

    In addition, I am finding that using the Enneagram with clients interested in the ICT has elicited even deeper insights.

    Thank you,
    Linda D