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    April 8, 2015 at 10:47 am #1690

    This space belongs to all of us– graduates of Minds at Work’s year-long Coach Certification Program, our 3-day Facilitators’ Workshop, and the Minds at Work crew (Anna, David, Deb, Katie, Bob and Lisa). An interest we all share is using the immunity-to-change approach as one means of relieving people’s daily sufferings and of making the world a better place. Towards that end, this is the place where we hope you will share ideas and questions that emerge as you use the ITC approach, whether that’s with yourself or a client(s). Feel free to share your favorite website, TED talks or podcasts links, and book or articles recommendations with each other. We’ve put a few ITC-specific items, including examples of strong ITC maps, and a basic ITC slide deck. Feel free to use any of these (pls acknowledge Minds at Work as the source, if you do). Feel free to raise a topic, or ask a question.

    We will be adding our two cents to your conversation periodically, especially when we see that there are a critical number of people engaged in a given topic.