Introduction to Robert Kegan’s Adult Development Theory User Agreement

This agreement pertains to all documents produced and distributed during the workshop, “Introduction to Robert Kegan’s Adult Development Theory.” It does not pertain to the publication: A Guide to the Subject-Object Interview: Its Administration and Interpretation, which is owned by Minds at Work, LLC.

I understand that…

  • Minds at Work, LLC, remains the sole owner of all documents they have produced and distributed during the workshop, “Introduction to Robert Kegan’s Adult Development Theory .”
  • I obtained these documents in conjunction with training received from Minds at Work, LLC.
  • These documents have been licensed to me for my exclusive use at no further cost to me; I am free to use them in my face-to-face, non-electronically mediated conversations with others who have taken this workshop.
  • I may not make these documents available to anyone, in whole or in part, either by loaning my materials or by reproducing my materials in any fashion.
  • Any violation of this agreement will lead to the revocation of this license at any time for any purpose, and I will return these documents to Minds at Work, LLC upon request.
  • Deborah Helsing and Minds at Work, LLC shall be held harmless and without liability or responsibility for any claim, charge, or judgment brought against me in connection with my use of these materials.

I also understand that, in public representation of my association with “Minds at Work,” I am free to say that I “attended a training” by, with, or about the above; I am not free to say or publish anything including on social media (e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) that would suggest I am “a certified Immunity to Change™” coach or facilitator because I understand that this credential is conferred upon the successful completion of the 12-month ITC Coach Certification Program.

Last updated January 2024