Re-Certification for Certified ITC Coaches

Thank you for your interest in continued ITC development and Re-Certification!

This page has been designed to provide you with all the information needed to prepare for and complete your certification. If you have any questions about the process please contact us at:

Re-Certification Timeline

You should begin the re-certification process near the beginning of your 5th year of ITC certification.

  • Share your intention to re-certify with us by completing the re-certification application.
  • Once we have received your application and fee payment we will provide you with a hard copy via mail of the current 2-volume “Coaches Guide” to act as reference material for you. The Coaches Guide is not available in digital format.
  • Download the portfolio guidelines, coach’s tracking book, client workbook, client release forms and other digital materials from this page.NOTE: The Coach’s Tracking Book will serve as your space for planning, for working, and for reflecting on your ITC client work. It provides you with key questions, prompts, and reminders, all of which will help you to demonstrate your ITC coaching competencies. The Tracking Book also provides a structure for your recertification portfolio. (Please note that your client does not see this book.) Maintaining the Tracking Book while you coach will allow you to finish the coaching with a near-complete portfolio. The final portfolio should not exceed 50 pages in length.
  • Identify and begin working with your portfolio client.
  • Submit your portfolio for review.
    We will accept portfolios between June and September of your 5th year, and will review them on a rolling basis. Within three months of receiving your portfolio, a senior MAW associate will review your portfolio, conduct a brief interview with your coachee, and hold an hour-long re-certification conversation with you (which should double as a supervisory hour.) to make a re-certification decision.
    If re-certification is granted we will provide you with an updated “ITC coach” logo and update your photo on our webpage using the new image you provided in your application.
    If re-certification is not granted we will discuss any areas of concern with you. If desired, you may submit a second re-certification portfolio within 6 months without paying an additional fee.

Fee for Re-Certification

$500 if you work in the non-profit sector only (as external consultant or internal employee)

$750 if you work in a mix of non-profit and for-profit settings, or in the for-profit sector only (as an external consultant or internal employee)

Re-Certification Materials