Online Coach Development

Online Immunity to ChangeTM Coach Development

This ITC coach development program provides a compressed, online learning approach and is based on two key premises:

  • You will be best equipped to support others to overturn Immunity to Change when you have already been supported by an accomplished coach (and others) to overturn your own personal immunities. The basic rhythm of the program, therefore, moves back and forth between focusing on you and overturning your own ITC, and focusing on you helping your client overturn his or her ITC.
  • Learning to help others overturn their ITC (and overturning your own) takes time and attention. You will be expected to do coursework between all pod meetings, including working on your personal immunity, practicing with your clients, and/or reading or viewing instructional material.

Who Should Attend

  • Internal and external coaches in business and public sectors
  • Independent consultants
  • Adult educators
  • Corporate trainers
  • Counselors and therapists
  • Human resource officers
  • Participants will have completed our three-day ITC Facilitator’s Workshop
This program is for coaches who have already attended a Minds at Work Facilitator Workshop and want to dive more deeply into implementation of the core Immunity-to-ChangeTM coaching process– testing Big Assumptions– with their clients.

It is ideal for coaches who:

• Don’t need or want certification
• Prefer an online learning experience with no travel involved
• Prefer a shorter, less costly training option than is offered in the year-long Coach Certification Program.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Debrief a test of a big assumption
  • Assess client learning through stocktaking
  • Respond Effectively to typical coaching challenges that arise with this approach
  • Hone an ITC map
  • Listen for both the client’s meaning and for ITC information
  • Generate testable big assumptions
  • Design a test of a big assumption
  • Help clients to overturn their immunities to change
  • Effectively assist individuals to achieve urgent and immediate goals
  • Support transformational change in individuals’ overall development
  • Respond effectively to typical coaching challenges that arise with this approach
  • Customize the Immunity-to-Change coaching approach so that it fits your professional circumstances

You will also be introduced to:
• Core tenets of constructive-developmental theory (the psychological theory-base of the approach) as they apply to adult development and ITC coaching.
• The differences and similarities between this way of coaching and your accustomed approach.
• A few additional exercises for overturning an immunity to change.

Program Components and Design

1: Live Online Instructional sessions 2: Experience the Immunity to Change Process Yourself 3: Coach Others
Ten, 2-hour live online instructional sessions with your small group pod (6 members). Sessions meets regularly (about once every 3 weeks). Each session is guided by a Minds at Work Faculty Member. In these sessions, participants practice skills, share client work, and discuss questions and problems of practice. The program runs for 30 weeks, during which you will have access to:
• Instructional videos by Kegan and Lahey
• Client case videos
• A program website for discussion, Q&A, examples of client work, and other supplementary materialsThe learning climate is intense, stimulating, and safe.
Your faculty coach will guide your 6-person small group (or pod) to support each other in diagnosing and overturning your own immunities. You will experience the process and impact of ITC from the side of the coachee. Practice ITC coaching with a client of your choice, with supervision from your Minds at Work faculty coach and support from other coaches in your pod.Support other coaches in your pod as they share their own learning and their clients’ work.

Fee: $3,500 per participant

We strongly encourage participants to attend the program with a colleague; and we offer a $150 discount for multiple registrations from the same organization.

Included in the cost of the Online Coach Development Program:

  • Small group learning with an experienced
    faculty coach
  • Supervised training in the “overturning immunities” coaching process
  • Use of the program webpage videos until the end of the program
  • A personal experience overturning your own
  • Customized Learning materials: an ITC Coaching and Tracking Guide, an electronic Participant Workbook, all reading material, videos
  • A royalty-free license to use Minds at Works’ electronic or paper Participant Workbook in direct service to your clients
  • 32.5 Continuing Coach Education credits from the International Coaching Federation

If you have specific questions about the program and would like to speak with the program director, please contact us by email or by phone: (617) 491-2656.