Facilitator Workshop User Agreement

As a participant in the Minds at Work Facilitator’s Workshop I understand and agree that:

  • Minds at Work, LLC and/or its sister company, The Developmental Edge, remain the owner of all program materials, print and/or electronic, unless indicated otherwise.
  • Minds at Work-owned materials have been licensed to me without limit of time for my exclusive use at no further cost, and that I am free to use it in my own direct work with clients, without commission, royalty, fee, or other compensation due to Minds at Work.
  • The Developmental Sprint® App is the sole property of The Developmental Edge. By participating in this workshop, I agree not to record, share, capture, store or duplicate any part of the app.
  • I will not record, share, capture or store any portion of this online program, including but not limited to: audio and/or video recording, streaming, screen-sharing or capturing screen shots.
  • I will not make the training materials, including but not limited to The Developmental Sprint® app and the Immunity to Change process, available to anyone else, in whole or in part, whether by loaning a copy, reproducing it or sharing a copy in any fashion.
  • I am free to make copies of the client-facing materials received in this workshop for my exclusive use in delivery by me of these exercises to clients, with appropriate acknowledgement to Minds at Work.
  • I will not make any Minds at Work facilitator training materials, including client-facing materials, available in any online offering or course, whether paid or free, without a prior, written agreement with Minds at Work. I may share client-facing materials (blank ITC Maps and core slides).
  • I also understand and agree that whenever I do use these materials with clients and/or for marketing purposes, that I will include the acknowledgement “©Minds at Work” in a visible location such as at the bottom corner of a slide or handout.
  • I will not and may not train other coaches in the ITC approach and/or The Developmental Sprint® process without obtaining license to do so from Minds at Work or The Developmental Edge respectively.

I further understand that any violation of this agreement will lead to the revocation of this license and may subject me to penalties; that Minds at Work retains the right to revoke this license at any time for any purpose; and that I will return this document to Minds at Work upon its request.

In addition, I understand that I use these materials as a completely independent agent; that my use of these materials does not constitute any employment relationship with Minds at Work, and that Minds at Work shall be held harmless and without liability or responsibility for any claim, charge, or judgment brought against me in connection with my use of these materials.

I also understand that, in public representation of my association with “Minds at Work,” “Robert Kegan” and/or “Lisa Lahey,” or “the Immunity to Change™ approach,” I am free to say that I “attended a training” by, with, or about the above; I am not free to say or publish anything including on social media (e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) that would suggest I am “a certified Immunity to Change™” coach or facilitator because I understand that this credential is conferred upon the successful completion of the 12-month ITC Coach Certification Program.

I understand I am not permitted to use, attach, or display the MAW, ITC, TDE, or Harvard insignia on my electronic or print materials.

Finally, I understand that I am not free to say or publish anything that would suggest that, by attending this workshop, I have been trained “by Harvard” or “by Harvard University” (which has no connection to, or responsibility for, Minds at Work, LLC). I am free to indicate that Drs. Kegan, Lahey and Helsing are Harvard University faculty.

Last updated January 2024