edX Massive Online Open Course

Do you want to join over 60,000 people taking a free online course to identify and overturn their immune systems?

Unlocking the Immunity to Change with Lisa Lahey and Robert Kegan
You can enroll just yourself, or as part of a team or an organization. Or invite your friends or family to join you.

In partnership with the Harvard Graduate School of Education and one of the world’s premier online resources for education, edX, we have created a way for everyone to test drive the Immunity to Change method.

Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey, the founders of Minds at Work and the creators of this method, will personally lead you through your own coaching arc in the Immunity to Change MOOC (Massively Open Online Course) at edX.

This edX MOOC will provide a rich learning environment to help you reach your elusive self-improvement goals.

One of the richest supports available during your edX experience will be your fellow students. Many people will be responding in the online forums, including immunity-to-change experts who will be resources throughout the course.

With high quality audio and video lectures, rich supporting materials, and a dynamic, responsive online diary for capturing your progress , the edX course is perfect for anyone who wants to apply the Immunity to Change method to themselves.

To make this course work best for you, expect to spend a few hours weekly on readings, exercises and videos. Participating in the optional discussions forums will further enrich your learning.