Small Group Coaching Pods

Are you eager for direct access to an experienced and compassionate ITC coach, but have limited time or resources? Then our Small Group Coaching Pods are for you.

Invest your time wisely by working with a Minds at Work Coach on a brief – but powerful – group coaching pod.
This program is perfect for those of you who represent or are a part of a group of people that are committed to overturning their psychological immune systems. Does your group need a streamlined, less intensive program than what is usually required for a full one-to-one coaching engagement? We believe we have created the answer with our small group coaching pods. In it’s entirety, this small group coaching pod program is roughly two months long.

Our small group coaching pods are a brief but deep dive into our change processes. We accept groups of 4 or 6 people into this program.

An Immunity to Change group coaching cycle is 3 intimate webinar sessions with your pod coach and 3 phone or videoconference sessions with your partner (we will pair you with a partner within your team).

Coaching webinar sessions are 90 minutes long, and occur every other week for five weeks. Partner sessions should be a minimum of 60 minutes, every other week (we recommend you make your partner sessions the same day as the webinars, so that you can block one 90 minute session, one day per week, for two months).

The three webinars are the backbone of the coaching curriculum, and your pod coach will guide you through core  immunity-to-change processes.

Between each coaching session, you will meet with your partner to support one another and take the processes into the next session. We provide you and your partner resources to focus these conversations. The specifics of when and how you meet are up to you and your partner (by phone, in person, or videoconference).

We hope you and your group can join us in this brief yet sustainable change process.