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New Introductory Coach Development Programs

We are bringing our most popular program, the Facilitator’s Workshop, online and are customizing our training to focus on how you can incorporate Immunity to Change™ workshops and coaching into your online work! Additionally, we are launching a new introductory program, Immunity to Change™ Mapmaking for 1:1 coaching. This weekly, small group training experience that will equip you to use Immunity to Change™ in 1:1 client settings.

New Advanced Immunity to Change™ Coach Development Programs

We often hear participants would like to continue deepening their understanding of how to overturn an immune system. Starting July, you can join us in Immunity to Change™ Testing. This online program is designed to sharpen your coaching in overturning client immune systems. In addition, we are bringing our popular Immunity to Change™ with Teams Day online. This program will prepare you to work with a team to diagnose and overturn the collective immune system.

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Right Weight, Right Mind

Dr. Robert Kegan | Dr. Lisa Lahey | Dr. Deborah Helsing

This book is written for individuals who want to lose weight and maintain their weight loss. It is not a diet book; it is a book about how to change your mind.

Immunity to Change™ Map Template for Download

An Everyone Culture

Dr. Robert Kegan | Dr. Lisa Lahey | Dr. Deborah Helsing, et. al.

This book shows a whole new way of being at work where learning from errors is paramount. It points to culture as strategy and how the key to success is developing everyone. The authors show readers how to build a developmental culture in their own organizations.

Immunity to Change

Dr. Robert Kegan | Dr. Lisa Lahey

In Immunity to Change™ , authors Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey show how our individual beliefs–along with the collective mind-sets in our organizations–combine to create a natural but powerful Immunity to Change™ .