Friend Organizations

Action Design helps people build working relationships that sustain high levels of trust, commitment, and learning so that they are able to master their toughest challenges.

Axialent is a global leader in Conscious Business transformation. They enable organizations to adapt to change with speed and agility through values-based culture with conscious leaders and aligned teams.

Using a deep theoretical and research base combined with decades of experience, cultivating Leadership supports leaders to grow and develop to their fullest capacity, they change their organizations and their world for the better.

Learning as Leadership teaches individuals, teams and organizations a conceptual framework and set of tools to look beyond symptoms and appearances for fundamental issues that interfere with effectiveness.

The Leadership Circle supports leadership change that evolves authentically from the inside out. They offer breakthrough tools, methodology, and support for deepening the conversation with leaders so that change can occur on a deep, significant, life-altering level.  Their 360 assessment is used by Human Resource and OD professionals as well as independent consultants and coaches for use with their client organizations all over the world.

Next Step Partners are seasoned leadership experts who work with executives and organizations to expand their leadership capacity. Organizations don’t transform unless their people do. We offer a range of integrated programs to give your organization’s leaders what they need to lead and succeed. This includes individual executive coaching, team development, leadership development as well as career transition coaching.

Mobius Executive Leadership partners with companies to support three complementary goals: to embed exceptional leadership and communication skills in their workforce, to create capability for lasting systemic change and to foster the health and vitality of their employees.

Our sister organization The Developmental Edge (formerly Way to Grow INC) specializes in delivering ‘Immunity to Change™ at scale’ within an organization. TDE does this through several proprietary methodologies and tools, including The Growth Culture Indicator® (GCI) and The Developmental Sprint®.

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The Growth Culture Indicator®: Paints a clear picture of an organization’s opportunity areas for accelerating employee and organizational growth together.

The Developmental Sprint®: Generates immediate traction on key improvement goals through an intensive, focused 4-week experience. Successfully delivered to thousands of people on distributed teams in 2020 alone, this proven, proprietary methodology creates stickier relationships with colleagues and greater team cohesion even in a virtual world.

By leveraging these methodologies and tools, organizations can begin to see a path forward to becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization®, similar to those firms featured in the Harvard Business Review Must-Read An Everyone Culture.

Making Business Personal is a featured article sharing our research in the April 2014 issue of Harvard Business Review (requires free login to read article; PDF available for purchase).

Satellite Organizations

Keystone Group (Shanghai) Ltd. provides world premium coaching certification programs and customized coach development programs to enterprises, universities and individual coaches in China and Asia.