Coach Certification Program

Our most selective and comprehensive program –
and the only path to ITC coach certification!

This in-depth, 12-month, program is designed to train participants in the entire ITC process and to become certified Immunity to Change coaches. This is not a program for people who are new to the coaching field. Successful candidates will have had prior experience in the coaching role, and all participants can look forward to learning with (and from) a community of your professional peers. The curriculum is crafted so that participants experience ITC from both the perspective of the coachee and the coach. In addition to intensive seminars via Zoom, all participants are paired with a personal Certified ITC Coach and mentor who will guide them through the various aspects of ITC. Our dual approach gives trainees a deep, holistic understanding of Immunity to Change to transform themselves and their practice.

Participants Will Learn

  • To effectively assist individuals to achieve urgent and immediate goals and support transformational change in their development.
  • How to apply the full ITC coaching arc with a client of their choice (with supervision).
  • How to integrate ITC into their practice or professional circumstance.
  • The core tenets of constructive-developmental theory (the psychological theory-base of the approach) as they apply to adult development and ITC coaching.
  • How to respond effectively to coaching challenges that may arise.

Who Should Attend

  • People desiring full coaching certification
  • Experienced internal and external coaches in business and public sectors.
  • Independent consultants
  • Adult educators
  • Human resource officers
  • Corporate trainers
  • Counselors, therapists, and other helping professionals

2024 Tuition

$16,500 Standard tuition
$10,500 Non-profit tuition (Discounted rate for those working exclusively in the non-profit sector.)

Note, either the Facilitator’s Workshop or ITC for 1:1 Coaching: Maps and Tests are the prerequisites for the Coach Certification Program.

Learn More

Please click here for a detailed program overview with information about prerequisites, the application process and more!

Successful Completion Gives You:


  • ITC coach certification: you have the ability to help individuals overturn their immunities and create lasting change
  • 51.5 credit hours from the International Coaching Federation
  • Access to exclusive online community forum and coach network
  • The ITC Coaches Guide and access to many reference materials
  • You featured on our website’s list of ITC certified coaches

Interview with Michael Terrell

The CCP prepares coaches to lead clients through the entire Immunity to Change coaching arc, drawing on the series of powerful exercises designed to help overturn the psychological Immune System that keeps our clients stuck. The video on the left is of Michael Terrell, a member of the 2017-2018 CCP cohort. In this video you will hear Michael describe his experience in the Coach Certification Program.