Qualified Immunity to Change™ Map Facilitator Process

Participants who have completed the Facilitator’s Workshop may apply for a credential: Qualified our Immunity to Change™ Map Facilitator!

This new offering is designed to support our Immunity to Change™ practitioners’ desire to build and demonstrate skillfulness with the mapping process. Those who qualify for the credential will receive an emblem suitable for display on a website or other promotional materials.

Process to become an Immunity to Change™ Map Facilitator

  • Submit an application including two typed client maps.
  • Participate in a 45-minute phone or video call with a Minds at Work Faculty Coach. During this call the Faculty Coach will assess your maps and provide you with an additional Immunity to Change™ map for you to assess.
  • The Coach will either recommend qualification as a Map Facilitator or determine that you need to develop greater proficiency before receiving Qualified Immunity to Change™ Map Facilitator status.
  • If the Coach grants the credential, we will send the Qualified Immunity to Change™ Map Facilitator emblem and some other information. This is a one-time credentialing process. This credential will not expire and you will not need to re-apply. If your Coach determines that you need additional skill-building before re-applying for the credential, we will contact you with information on that as well.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You have previously attended a Minds at Work’s Facilitator’s Workshop or Mapmaking for 1:1 Coaching (any year)
  • At least 30 days have elapsed since attending a Facilitator’s Workshop or or Mapmaking for 1:1 Coaching

Submission Requirements

  • Submit two typed client Immunity to Change™ maps that you created after participating in the FW, with a brief written reflection on each.
  • Pay the $850 application fee


Why has Minds at Work decided to offer a qualified Immunity to Change™ Map Facilitator status after all these years of not offering certification for Facilitator’s Workshop (FW) participants? Why don’t all FW participants automatically receive this credential?

We have decided to offer this status – different and apart from the “certification” earned in the intensive, year-long Coach Certification Program – for several reasons. We consistently receive requests from FW participants for a credential that would signal proficiency in using our Immunity to Change™ approach to support their work with clients on a one-to-one basis, in workshops and as individual members of an intact team. We believe we have determined a way to demonstrate competence in map facilitation that allows us to confer this designation with integrity. We also believe that this approach could encourage additional practice and learning in Immunity to Change™ skills.

Who can apply to become a qualified Immunity to Change™ Map Facilitator?

Anyone who has ever completed a three-day Minds at Work Facilitator’s Workshop (FW) can apply for the status of Qualified Immunity to Change™ Map Facilitator. We do request that applicants use at least the month following attendance at an FW to practice mapmaking skills before applying.

How can I apply?

You can apply for Qualified Immunity to Change™ Map Facilitator status by clicking on this link on Minds at Work’s website to signal your interest, uploading two Immunity to Change™ maps typed and in PDF format, responding to a few questions about your maps, and submitting the $850 application fee.

Which maps should I submit?

We ask you to submit two maps you have created for other people after completing the Facilitator’s Workshop. We would like to see maps that you created on your own, after having practiced the skills you learned at the FW. We will also ask that you comment in a few sentences about each map: where – specifically — you think it is strong, where you think it might need to be tightened up, how the Big Assumptions explain the Immune System, or how you think you might dig deeper into Column 4 of the Map.

Is it okay if I use tools like the “Cheat Sheet” Immunity Map that lists the criteria for each column while I create and assess the maps to submit for this process?

Yes! We are looking to see whether you understand the criteria and are able to use them to generate useful entries in each column of the map.

Are you looking for perfect Maps? Will I need to be a real expert to apply for this status?

Absolutely not! We don’t create perfect maps either! We are looking for a good understanding of Immunity to Change™ principles and a commitment to continuing your practice.

What happens then?

Once we receive your complete application, our office will match you with a Faculty Coach, who will review your materials and schedule a 45-minute debrief call in which you’ll reflect together on your work.

What will I do in the call with the MAW Faculty Coach?

Your Faculty Coach will review the two maps with you and share an assessment of whether the map entries meet the criteria for each column and the map makes visible a psychological “immune system.” The MAW coach will also be looking for Column 4 Big Assumptions that explain and support the Immune System. Once you have reviewed the two maps together the coach will present you with an additional Immunity Map and ask you to demonstrate your understanding of the map criteria by assessing its quality. After the call the faculty coach will assess your proficiency in Immunity to Change™ map making and share that information with the office at Minds at Work.

Who are the coaches that will make this determination?

We have engaged seasoned Coach Faculty members from our year-long Coach Certification Program to assist us in the Qualified Immunity to Change™ Map Facilitator process.

What happens once the Faculty Coach determines that my mapmaking skills are good enough?

Once your Faculty Coach determines proficiency in mapmaking, we will e-mail you an emblem representing your new status as a Qualified Immunity to Change™ Map Facilitator, which you will be able to display on your website or any other promotional materials.

Suppose my Faculty Coach finds some gaps in my skills and is not ready to recommend qualification?

If your Faculty Coach has concerns about your level of skill, she or he will confer with Deb or Maria, Minds at Work’s Co-Directors, and determine the best path forward. The most likely outcome will be a recommendation either for additional practice on your part or, if you would like, a one-hour skill-building session with a MAW coach-faculty member, after which you may decide to reapply. We will contact you to discuss follow-on options.

If I reapply and have a follow-up conversation with my MAW coach do I need to pay $850 again?

If your Faculty Coach determines that you need additional skill-building, contracting for the second assessment conversation will cost $500.

How long will the process take?

Because we can’t estimate how many participants from FWs will apply for this process, it’s difficult for us to estimate what the wait time will be. What we can say is that we will acknowledge your application within four business days and connect you with an available faculty member in the order in which your application is received.

Why are you charging money for this? Isn’t the qualification fee included in the cost of the Facilitator’s Workshop?

We don’t assume that every participant in a Facilitator’s Workshop will want to apply for qualification status. Our conferring the credential will reflect a participant’s ability to demonstrate skill rather than simply acknowledging his or her participation over the three days. The fee covers both the work of our coach faculty who will conduct the skills assessment conversations and the administrative costs of this process.

I participated in an FW about ten years ago. Is the application process for Qualified Immunity to Change™ Map Facilitator still open to me?

Yes. Anyone who has completed a Facilitator’s Workshop is eligible to apply.

I attended an FW years ago and am not ready to apply for qualified Immunity to Change™ Map Facilitator status, but I would like to freshen my skills. What can I do?

We welcome previous FW participants to sign up for an upcoming program! If it’s been a while since you last attended, you will find some great new resources and ways of presenting things, as well as opportunities to practice and improve. Because we want to encourage members of our community to update and strengthen their skills we are pleased to offer a 20% discount off the standard rate for any FW “alumnus/a” who applies for an FW. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity just click here.

I am already a Certified our Immunity to Change™ Coach. Do I need to go through this process?

No. All certified our Immunity to Change™ coaches – coaches who have completed the year-long Coach Certification Program, submitted a portfolio and been certified by one of the Directors of Minds at Work – will automatically receive the Qualified Immunity to Change™ Map Facilitator credential.