Coach Development

The Immunity to Change™ approach is specifically designed to help individuals, work teams, and organizations make those personal and collective changes that are most important to them– but have proven resistant even to thoughtful plans and heartfelt intentions. Minds at Work offers an array of programs to equip you to use our powerful, engaging, effective, research-based tools to support your clients and colleagues in making essential improvements.

Our Programs at a Glance

Finding the program that is right for you.

Are you new to Immunity to Change™?

Our Immunity to Change™ Facilitator’s Workshop in Boston, Online Facilitator’s Workshop and Mapmaking for 1:1 Coaching workshops provide a highly interactive and collaborative training environment focusing on the first step in Immunity to Change™coaching — learning how to use the diagnostic power of the Immunity map to uncover the hidden immune system that prevents change. You’ll discover how to help a client create a powerful Immunity map in a 1:1 coaching relationship. The Immunity to Change™ Facilitator’s Workshop in Boston and Online Facilitator’s Workshop also prepare you to lead the Immunity to Change™ map making process in small group or workshop settings. There is no prerequisite for participation in these programs. Completion of any one of them will qualify you to participate in the deeper work of Immunity to Change™ Testing, Using Immunity to Change™ with Teams, or The Coach Certification Program, or to apply for the Qualified Map Facilitator status.

Have you attended one of our introductory programs and would like to continue building your skills?

We are pleased to announce two new programs for facilitators and coaches who would like to gain additional effectiveness in Immunity to Change™ work. Immunity to Change™ Testing builds upon your skills in helping clients identify their limiting assumptions that are ripe for further exploration and to create a series of Immunity to Change™ tests that can systematically generate data to overturn their immune systems. Online Immunity to Change™ with Teams prepares you to work with a team to diagnose and overturn a collective immune system – a powerful mindset that can obstruct the desired performance of an intact team or even an entire organization.

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