Conducting the ITC Approach with Teams Online

In a one day intensive, learn to create collective ITC maps and tests with teams and other groups

Teams, like individuals, can be Immune to Change. They commit to improvements they genuinely want and need to make in order to increase their effectiveness, and yet they collectively act contrary to those intentions. This one-day online session is intended to help practitioners who are experienced in ITC and team facilitation learn how to apply the collective ITC process.

ITC Teams day is designed not to be just an arm’s length ‘talking about’ collective map-making, but a day that will engage you in a simulation of the work itself. Drawn from our experiences working collectively with leadership teams, we have created a reality-based (but fictitious) team that is eager to be facilitated in the making of a single, collective map. Expect to play at least two different roles over the course of the day, which could include:

  • Facilitator of a portion of the team’s map-making.
  • Observer of this same team, as it is being facilitated.
  • One of the team members taking part in the map-making conversations.

Each part of the simulation is followed by discussion and instructions designed to identify key challenges, facilitation strategies, and consolidate learning.

Program Faculty: Deb Helsing and/or Maria DeCarvalho

Participants Will Learn

  • The differences in diagnosing individual and collective Immune Systems
  • The specific challenges in generating a collective map
  • Strategies for attending to the compound responsibilities of facilitating the collective Map columns in real time
  • Considerations for navigating both the individual and collective immunities that impact a team’s map-making conversations
  • The most effective preparation and contracting for this work with clients
  • How to support intact teams in creating experiments that can shed light on the Collective Big Assumption.

All participants who complete the course will receive 7 credit hours from the International Coaching Federation.

Who Should Attend

  • ITC Coaches and Facilitators who would like to be able to work with teams or organizations to diagnose and overturn collective Immune Systems
  • Prerequisite: The Facilitator’s Workshop OR the Online Facilitator’s Workshop OR ITC for 1:1 Coaching: Maps and Tests

Program Dates

November 21-22, 2024 (7 am – 10:30 am US Eastern)

In selecting your workshop, please make note of the start and end times. We’ve scheduled workshops to accommodate our friends in other parts of the globe and make it easier for them to attend!



2024 Tuition

$1,500 Standard tuition.



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