Introduction to Robert Kegan’s Adult Development Theory

Introduction to Robert Kegan’s Adult Development Theory

The Workshop

Immunity to Change is built on adult development theory, specifically Bob Kegan’s constructive-developmental theory (CDT). This tradition of theory and research is one of the reasons why ITC stands out among other coaching approaches. Developing familiarity with key concepts of the theory helps coaches to support their clients in drafting more powerful ITC maps and more fruitful explorations of their limiting Big Assumptions.

Specifically, this two-part workshop will help you to:

  • Develop a clearer understanding of the ways your clients make sense of the challenges that lead them to seek coaching and how developmental growth can provide them with the capacities to address those challenges
  • Enhance the potential for your clients to undertake transformational learning – identifying those limiting assumptions that are deep and central enough in their world views that, when they are modified, can lead to changes far beyond their stated improvement goals
  • Offer clearer pictures and strategies for testing and transforming limiting Big Assumptions
  • Highlight (for prospective and current clients) the robust tradition of psychological theory and research that grounds ITC, and as a result, the soundness of your coaching practice


Cohorts are facilitated by Deborah Helsing, EdD.

Program Dates

November 2024 Cohort (9 am – 1 pm US Eastern): November 1 and 8
March 2025 Cohort (1 pm – 5 pm US Eastern): March 6 and 13
October 2025 Cohort (8 am – 12 pm US Eastern): October 10 and 17



2024 Tuition


2025 Tuition



2024 Registration

2025 Registration