Supervision Course for CCP Graduates

This distance course, facilitated by Deb Helsing (Senior ITC Coach, Minds at Work), ensures that you continue to build your expertise and coaching repertoire within a supportive community of fellow coaches. Enrollment is limited to 4 participants to maximize your learning.

The course will strengthen new coaches’ skills in helping clients overturn their Immunity to ChangeTM by deepening your understanding of the coaching arc.

The focus of our work will vary depending on coaches’ interests and needs.  In the past, we have addressed:

  • How to keep the adaptive (vs. technical) focus in ITC coaching
  • How to integrate developmental theory into ITC coaching
  • Spotting and avoiding common coach/client errors in map-making and in test design and debrief
  • Working with the “less than ideal” ITC client

Participants receive direct feedback from the facilitator and their fellow coaches as they practice their coaching skills.

In order to participate, coaches must have a client to work with (and whose work will help make up the course curriculum). Coaches and their clients need to commit to abide by the course schedule (bi-weekly meetings to complete each step).

This course is held if there is sufficient demand from a particular CCP cohort.

Once the Group Supervision Cohort has been selected, the schedule for the ten 90-minutes sessions will be finalized. Sessions will be conducted over the phone with the possibility of some online seminars. Participants will be responsible for the costs associated with their phone participation. Registrations are received on a first come/first serve basis. Once the first cohort is filled, a second cohort may open to new registrations.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact our Program Coordinator at (617) 491-2656 or via email at