Facilitator’s Workshop – Online

A three-day training experience that will equip you to use Immunity to Change™ in virtual workshops and 1:1 client settings

The Immunity to Change™ approach is specifically designed to help individuals, work teams, and organizations make those personal and collective changes that are most important to them– but have proven resistant even to thoughtful plans and heartfelt intentions. This three day online workshop is the first step in developing your knowledge and experience with Immunity To Change™. Here, you will learn how to creative powerful maps that uncover the hidden immune system that prevents change. You’ll discover how to apply the approach in group workshop and 1:1 settings.

Program Faculty: Deb Helsing, with Maria DeCarvalho, Bob Kegan, and Lisa Lahey

Participants will learn

  • How to guide others in creating powerful individual maps in both small group settings and one-on-one, emphasizing online facilitation formats
  • How to distinguish between technical and adaptive challenges and that successfully making an adaptive change requires a shift in mindset
  • How to use virtual tools in ways that build connection and trust
  • An approach to create safe, useful experiments that can help to shift a limiting mindset
  • How to use new simple electronic tools that will support their own overturning process and their work with their own clients, either as individuals or in small groups.

All participants who complete the course will receive 20 credit hours (11.5 Core Competency hours and 8.5 Research Development hours) from the International Coaching Federation.

This course meets the pre-requisite requirement for applying to become credentialed as a Certified Immunity to Change™ Coach or Qualified Immunity to Change™ Map Facilitator.

Who Should Attend

  • Internal and external coaches in business and public sectors
  • Human resource officers
  • Independent consultants
  • Corporate trainers
  • Adult educators
  • Counselors and therapists
  • Clergy

Program Dates

January 25 – 27, 2023 (9 am – 5 pm US Eastern)
June 14 – 16, 2023 (12 pm – 8 pm US Eastern)
November 1 – 3, 2023 (7 am – 3 pm US Eastern)

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In selecting your workshop, please make note of the start and end times. We’ve scheduled the workshops to accommodate our friends in other parts of the globe and make it easier for them to attend! If you are looking for training options that offer shorter sessions, more time to practice in between sessions, with different start and end times, please consider Mapmaking for 1:1 Coaching.



2023 Tuition

$3,600 Standard tuition.
$3,150 Early tuition (quantities limited)

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