Checking in on the vitality / preferred location of the ITC Community

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    Jonathan Sibley
    October 5, 2015 at 12:48 pm #2262

    Hi Everyone,

    I’ve wanted to be respectful of the effort put into creating this forum by Minds at Work, to give it a chance to grow and flourish. However, I’m not sure that there has been significantly more vitality in this forum than in the LinkedIn forum we had been using.

    I know that, in the past as well as recently, some members of our community have voiced an opinion that they are used to LinkedIn and don’t particularly want another online venue to focus on. In addition to this, it seems to me that there are advantages to LinkedIn compared to this forum, such as the ability to view who else is in the community and to connect with them on LinkedIn, if one isn’t already connected.

    Until now, I’ve wondered about starting discussions in the LinkedIn forum, wanting to give this forum a chance to succeed. However, I’m starting to wonder how everyone feels about where they would prefer to participate in discussions (for those who enjoy participating).

    I’m not sure that we will ever have an extremely busy forum, wherever it lives. That’s ok. However, I would like to give our community every chance to thrive, as I believe that there is still more to explore together and that ITC has attracted a great group of colleagues.

    So, please weigh in on where you prefer to engage in ITC-focused discussions. If you prefer not to share your opinion publicly, you may also contact me directly at js at